A unique opportunity for exchanges

In recent years, medicine has evolved very rapidly towards the global and multidisciplinary management of patients. Recent developments in terms of concepts and technology have enabled a knowledge improvement about many pathophysiological mechanisms. Furthermore, multidisciplinary study of diseases and diseases models helped reaching a better understanding of diseases. As a matter of fact, new treatments for acute or chronic diseases have arisen from these advances.

Meeting healthcare professionals and citizens’ needs requires that health actors, whether from the public or private sector, work all together to generate therapeutic innovations.
By organizing the International R&D Dating each year, ARIIS and AVIESAN are fostering synergies that initiate original and profitable research. These meetings provide a unique opportunity for academic and industrial researchers to exchange around shared issues and thus allow the establishment of partnerships on innovative projects.

Conceived as a laboratory for ideas and innovations, the International R&D Dating promotes encounters between academic researchers and top-level R&D decision-makers from health companies focused on a specific field of research.

This one-day event comprises two phases: a presentation of cutting-edge findings by academic researchers selected for the excellence of their work, and then one-on-one meetings between the researchers of the academic or industrial field. This is an opportunity to highlight the excellence and expertise of French academic research teams, to encourage international investments and to support the competitiveness of France at a global level.

Concerning PPPs, the annual International R&D dating co-organized by ARIIS and AVIESAN are probably a unique initiative which has generated over the past 5 years more than 500 face to face meetings between academic and industrial researchers in the fields of cancer, cardiovascular and metabolism diseases, infectious diseases, neurosciences, inflammation, rare diseases and personalized medicine.

The main themes targeted by the International R&D Dating during the last years have been: neurosciences in 2009, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases in 2010, infectious diseases in 2011, cancer in 2012, inflammation in 2013, rare diseases and personalized medicine in 2015.

This year, the 7th International R&D Dating is organized under the theme «Neurosciences, Neurology and Psychiatry» in partnership with AVIESAN’s neurosciences, cognitive sciences, neurology and psychiatry multi-agency thematic institute (ITMO NNP). It will take place in November 3rd, 2016 in the “Salons de l’Aveyron”.